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We are happy to announce, we exceed 100 transactions

Localbitex is a platform with more than 250,000 registered users and 2,600 daily transfers, together with incredible support we work 24/7 to meet your needs. Since 2018, localbitex has agreements with international banks to support transfers and avoid deception from the seller's point of view to the buyer and thus have perfect support.

Localbitex is an exchange platform that works as an open market where you can buy and sell bitcoins. It operates globally and also offers a wallet service where you can keep them. In this guide we review LocalBitcoins, analyzing its characteristics and operation.

Why Choose Us

Localbitex is simply an intermediary that allows you to open P2P operations with BTC. That is, it provides an open market platform to communicate and negotiate with others interested in buying and selling bitcoin. This opens up enormous possibilities at the exchange level, because more geographic locations, payment methods, currencies, etc. are included. The platform also provides some security elements that can help you operate with certain trust parameters. Please note that the closing of a transaction in LocalBitcoins is not immediate and depends on the fulfillment of the seller and the buyer.

We are the Best

The platform puts a percentage of the operation in "guarantee". Thus, both parties involved benefit: the seller deposits part of the bitcoins to Localbitex and this exchange releases the funds to the buyer once the payment is confirmed. Although it sounds great, you have to be cautious with these types of platforms. Otherwise, we could be victims of scams and scams. If so, we must go through a rigorous audit process to recover the guarantee funds

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